The land of Karym is indeed a large land. Many civilizations and settlements with plenty of resources to nourish even the greediest of them all. However, there seems to be some development of a small plague/disease washing across the plains and through towns, villages, and even all living nature. It seems to be of necrotic nature destroying life and making the dead rise again. The Capital of the land Sarien, holds the wisest of elders and modest of geniuses only to come to a conclusion that there is more than what they know and even the Paladins of light can not fight them. The story will be begin with a simple traveling group. They indeed know not of what to come but they will learn of what is to be. The story is theirs, let's behold their travels and see if they can become either heroes or another victim to this horrible phenomenon.

Story purpose: None of you will know each other starting. So even if you read each other's characters sheets. You will NOT know more than what you see/hear/etc. from the start of the campaign.

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Karyms' Plague

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