Karyms' Plague

Enter the Shack
Session 2

We see the king and are granted lodging and board in exchange of performing some undisclosed task.

We see the king's scholar and convince him to examine our bones.  Our other members handle a hostage situation by investigating a missing teenager in some northern village.  

He said the bones are indeed plague related and he feels there are some sort of carrier of   the disease who has no outward apperance but can spread the disease.

I have a weird dream involving a skeleton and a book, which later proves prophetic. 

We get a carriage to go to the village.  The village makes us uneasy, and the target shack even more so.  We bust in and are presented with 2 skeletons a fireplace a barrel a table 2 stools and some spoiled rations.  The skeletons upon interaction present some sort of force that repels and knocks back anyone and anything that touches it.

With clever maneuvering we dislodge the skeleton and recover a book, which renders a vague pain inside the back of my mind.

We recover a cheap locket off the other body. 

OOG : session ends at 2:30ish pm

Enter the Heros
Session 1

Plague around Karym.

Walled and gated Capital of Sarien.

Tavern full of mainly townsfolk, not much action.

Town guard is looking for people to investigate some sites of the plague seeking information, few have made it back from such missions.

We find a skeleton of some sort of un-natural nature located in the halfling's room.  The guards need to be knocked down a peg or two.  They think they can summon me to a audience later, we shall see.



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