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Home rules/Basic rules:

1. CORE RULE BOOK ONLY. New to DM'ing would like to keep it simple/small so I can understand better for the better of the sessions.

2. Use standard stat rolls: Roll 4d6 drop the lowest.  Also, for health, start with max hit die and then re-roll if under half every level after first.


2.A When rolling stats, if rolling 2's or lower you can reroll once more per dice. If second roll of 2 or lower dice is again 2 or lower then keep. Consider this an extra freebie/gift as this should help make characters a little more powerful starting. Also because I'm new to being a DM, I would like to make thing a little more fair for both sides. This will not make the actual campagin "easier" just a little more fair for you. Hopefully this will help. =) 

3. Everyone automatically gets  1xbackpack, 1 weeks worth of rations, 1xtorch, 1×50ft of regular rope, 1xsleeping bag and an extra 200gp ontop of their gold roll in the core book. These need to be in your character sheet once we begin, besides the gold obviously since it would have been spent possibly. If you don't have this in your sheets I will remind everyone before beginning to do a last check over and give one last chance to add them. If absent for personal reasons I will remind ahead of time to make sure it's in there before starting. I will not however give the missed loot/exp and etc. for missing said session obviously. 

4. I will give everyone a free dice roll for any dice roll they don't like PER sessions. That is 1 free re-roll for any roll they don't like. After the used roll there is no more. There is 1 per session, plus you must announce the re-roll before doing so and must have at least 2 people announce the watch 1 being the DM.

5. It is a given that me being new is perfectly acceptable to be skeptical of me being a DM, however I would like any major arguments about something specific to be done afterwards or beforehand on sessions. During breaks are OK or even as long as everyone else is willing to wait while the argument is brought up. I however don't want something disrupting the game out of nowhere. Especially if the argument is brought up an hour later after the fact.

6. I also LOVE roleplaying. If you're character has a good backstory, and not broken, I do allow extra stuff depending on said backstory. Now there isn't any "omg instant kill weapon" or starting off 5 levels higher but it's small stuff dependent on what you put down. I will also ask you privately if you'd like to have it or not. It's entirely up to you as it is your character. These are player specific and if you want to share it with the others is up to you. If you'd like to keep it to yourself. ALSO, THIS DOES NOT HAVE TO BE A BOOK. I would like up to two paragraphs, but it doesn't have to be a book to be read or something like that. Two sentences does not meet the requirement either. Again, entirely optional. Not needed, this is only a reward if you want one. AND NO, THIS IS NOT SOMETHING YOU CAN WRITE HALFWAY THROUGH THE CAMPAIGN, ONCE IT'S FINALIZED AND IT'S STARTED..THAT'S IT…NOTHING WILL BE GIVEN. The only exception to this is if you are absent for the first session for personal reasons. Though once I give the characters a go into the world, that's the line. Also as above, I will not however give the missed loot/exp and etc. for missing said session obviously. 

7. For critical hits/misses I will not do anything extravagant as "oh your sword slipped and flew into your leg" unless you're attempting something incredibly stupid knowing full well that it's going to hurt. Same thing for critical hits, You roll your basic hit and get the extra points. Depending on said story  there may be slight/major changes only on some events. Some of the nat 20 rolls may differ in the future depending on how things go but this is the bare bones setup for now until otherwise noted.

8. Multiclass is allowed, it's corebook rules. I'm only stating this in case someone has a question or believe I may not allow since being new to DM'ing. 

9. Being a lover of roleplaying and etc. I do allow bonuses for studying/reading/acting out in game. Say for example: I give players a chance at a break in a village/town. These moments are for your benefit to do what you need to do to buy/sell/rest/eat etc. outside the main story/path set for your characters. If you spend time studying or practicing certain things I allow bonuses to said studied practice. You spend hours reading/practicing how to pick a lock? Bonuses. You studied another language? You don't get the language automatically but you can now roll to see if you understand certain words or anything. The more you study/practice the more bonus I give. However, this isn't an "instant" thing. I may give a bonus here and there but as with all things, it gets harder and takes longer. Like languages, you wouldn't be able to communicate with that language just by reading over night. This also applies to backstories, don't take this for granted though. I'm not giving you everything just because you said you have everything. Just remember, if you spend time studying instead of sleeping, I will take this into account as well. Take this into account for your self as well, don't think it's an extra bonus. You DO have to spend time to study, this does take time, this will stop you from doing anything else. Remember this.

10. The experience rate is going to be "medium" rate until otherwise noted. This may change depending after the first few sessions. This is NOT aimed to punish but to make at a pace suitable for you, the players. I wish to make it at a pace which makes the progression fun and steady. Also being new I need to get a feel for things as well. Please work with me!

11. ALIGNMENT is NOT going to be a big issue. It's not going to be a big concern or of any big nature. Obviously if you kill for fun then you will get an alignment change if you were lawful good. Now however minor things or certain things I would not make the "alignment" an issue for the most part. I will definitely give a hints if something is about to change, hint alignment, if continued. I will NOT control your character. You do what you feel. PVP is perfectly fine, just remember, you play your character, not me.

12. IF you need to make minor changes to the character ask me first. I AM looking at characters and there are stuff I will pay attention too. There is no "exact" start date so you have plenty of time to prepare whatever. However the stats you role are pretty much kept. Minor things like getting new items or etc. as long as starting over. Ask me first before doing anything though.

Rules will be updated to see fit, for any concerns/questions please let me know and I will try to amend whatever I can if needed.

STORY purpose is intended to be "short" but depending on how things I can always "rig" it to be longer if needed be. This is mainly just a test run to see how well I can DM and if it's suitable with everyone here. I am not intending a long campaign but if it is wished for I can make it longer with ease. I have no issues with going further if asked but if it's not wanted/liked then this is the reason why it's technically made short. Please understand that this story is not some fleshed out months in process of the making kind of story. It's a bare bones simple story line that I figure is easy to control and keep it to the point. However it goes is entirely up to "you" the party in the end though so please keep in mind. I'm here to entertain your minds. I promise I have no intention of making anything incredibly confusing. This is just a heads up for anyone curious as to why the story is kind of "bland".

For any contact info: 



I'm usually always on when I'm home so drop me a message with any questions/concerns on the mind. If I don't reply, it means I'm away most likely but I will reply/see it when I do get home.

I appreciate the effort everyone is making to allow me to DM so I want to make it as comfortable/easy as possible without the hassle of extra stuff to sift through and brain numbingly tiresome.

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